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​Professionals in the development of textile goods. We design, produce & develop products for the world’s biggest brands to create remarkable collections with a sustainable agenda as a guideline.

Netraco is a leading private label company for international retailers and fashion brands.  With 20 years+ of experience and working with fashion companies all over the world, we have a deep understanding of todays’ fashion landscape.

We invested in building a CR team to provide the worlds needs of today, and be aware of our impact in this business.

Our main offices in The Netherlands, Shanghai and Hong Kong, make sure that we can provide the best supply chain to service our clients' business and enhance their brand performance and ethics.

We create to inspire and refine. Our passion is to design the perfect collection of bestsellers. We are a leading private label company for national and international retailers, we know our brands and our customers. Our aim is to assist our clients in taking over the entire product development and production process of their collections. We can provide all kind of clothing for men, women and kids. We are happy to start with the perfect collection of bestsellers! The primary goal is to preserve long-standing and very close brand and retailers relationships. We love to work with start-ups’, we will help you to design, develop and deliver your idea’s. A partner that can even assist you in taking over the entire product development and production process of your collection.





We bring our knowledge and experience to offer brands and retailers, both large and small, the ability to create products for their collection. Our customers can build or complement their own brand. With our flexibility we will guide you through the entire process and can easily adapt your wishes. Our success is largely based on our personal approach. At Netraco we put great importance in long-standing and very close relationships with the people from the brands and retailers we work with. Having a close personal connection with our clients is always the key to good business in our opinion. When you add our creativity and enthusiasm, you have got the perfect mix!

At Netraco, social and environmental compliance is something we care deeply for. Our long-term mission is to contribute to structural improvements in the fashion value chain. Netraco fully supports the sustainability goals of the brands and retailers that work with us. We endeavour to fulfil their requirements, thereby contributing to collectively reducing our environmental footprint and at the same time positively impacting the social circumstances of workers’ lives. 

Our CR team closely follows the latest laws and thinking in social compliance, ensuring Netraco complies with the highest standards in CR now and in the future

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