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Here at Indosole, we are proud to say that our technology and its impacts on the global shoe industry shows that ideas and perseverance can result in positive action. There has been an evolution in the industry all the way to the top and largest footwear brands. We hope to continue to push and develop the industry forward and be at the forefront of that evolution. 

Solid belts that can take a beating. We, as team Kaîa [Kha-yaa]want to give you the opportunity to set focus on the centerpiece of your outfit. The Kaîa belts are designed with quality and detail, they're made to last a lifetime. The Kaîa differentiates you of others through its diversity. Dare to have it all, be bold, be Kaîa.

DNA-Amsterdam is a high-end fashion brand, established in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. It is bringing, for over 10 years, luxurious leather items into the fashion branch. The brand is a symbol for unique design, the highest quality and the upmost perfection. We believe that everything is possible as long as you stay inspired. 

We take inspiration from the past and we combine it with emerging fashion trends that we get excited about. We design for the people that are close to us, the people that we know best, the ones with a ( hidden ) rebellious personality. Goosecraft is Amsterdam based and founded back in 2006 with a group of people who were sharing an extreme passion for leather jackets.


The brand represents a fresh vision of streetwear, filling it with functional elements and technological details, for which KRAKATAU is not a tribute to fashion, but a conscious necessity. The architectural approach in their cuts, attention to details, daily perfectionism, subdued futuristic aesthetics, experience of the severe nordic climate and effortlessly matching any wardrobe.




‘Elegance never fades’ has been IBANA’s philosophy since 2007. Their vision has lead to assorted collections involving leather, knitwear, fake fur and fur items. The rich materials IBANA uses for its collections are what makes all items feel as a second skin. Every item has its own story, which makes the collection accessible to people of all ages and for all occasions. A phenomenon IBANA refers to as ‘a collection of moments’.

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