About Netraco

Netraco is a leading private label company for international retailers.

About Netraco

Netraco is a leading private label company for international retailers and fashion brands. With almost 20 years of experience and working for fashion companies all over Europe, we have a deep understanding of todays’ fashion landscape. Besides knowing the new fashion trends by heart, we also know what your competitors will introduce and how to keep ahead of them.

Consider us a very experienced partner that you hire to help you design the perfect collection of bestsellers. A partner that can even assist you in taking over the entire product development and production process of your collection.

Personal approach

Our success is largely based on our personal approach. At Netraco we put great importance in long-standing and very close relationships with the people from the brands and retailers we work with. We love to share our experience and knowledge with small fashion start-ups, but we are also thrilled to create and design for established fashion brands and retailers. Having a close personal connection with our clients is always the key to good business in our opinion. When you add our creativity and enthusiasm, you have got the perfect mix!

The highest standards in CR

At Netraco we strive to be frontrunners. This goes for the latest fashion, but we also want to produce our clothing safely and honestly. We believe that Corporate  Responsibility always has to be top of mind in today’s fashion industry. Therefore, our CR team closely follows the latest laws and thinking in social compliance, ensuring Netraco complies with the highest standards in CR now and in the future