Private label

"We always strive for perfection when it comes to the quality of our collections."

Private label

At Netraco we design, develop and produce private label clothing for men, women, kids and plus size. We began as real experts in leather and imitation leather and as our company grew we expanded our portfolio. Today we offer all the jackets and outerwear garment qualities that you can think of, ranging from nylon, cotton and wool, till fake fur and raincoat fabrics.

Private label clothing by Netraco is fashion forward and developed before others pick up the trend. Our clothing is produced according to the latest standards, checked carefully and it offers a perfect blend between price and quality:

Designed according to the latest fashion
With our 20 years of experience we have a deep understanding of the market. We know the end consumer, our brands and retailers by heart and we have a great team of people that is constantly on the look out for new trends. This gives us a great eye for new, trendy fashion and we always design our new outerwear accordingly.

Checked carefully
Because we find it important to meet all quality requirements; our designs are carefully developed and checked by quality control teams in our factories in Asia.

Our quality control team always makes sure that the whole production is carefully checked before leaving the factory. We always strive for perfection when it comes to the quality of our collections.

A perfect blend
At Netraco we work for a broad range of companies from start ups to big international retail stores. Our diverse customers have  different requirements with price and quality and we can meet their needs with our extensive market knowledge and network.